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All Camps Run Five Consecutive Weeks!!!

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·          Develop Ground Ball Fundamentals

·          Develop Proper Footwork At All Positions
·          Develop Double Play Footwork
·          Develop Slow Roller Technique
·          First Forty Minutes Fundamental Work
·          Last Twenty Minutes Position Specific

               Only 36 Spots Available



·          Corrects Aluminum Bat Swing.

·          Emphasis is placed on driving the ball to all fields. 
·          Wood bats will be used exclusively. Provided at camp.
·          Five different drills, hundreds of swings a week.

        Film analysis. 

               Take Home Video Analysis.



Major League Theory of Developing Maximum Velocity

¨           Pitching Mechanics - Development of Proper Delivery. Film Analysis.         
                                             Take Home Video Analysis.
¨           Pre-Season Preparation - How to Prepare for the Upcoming Season.
¨           Fielding for Pitchers - Handling your Position Defensively.
¨           Pitch Development - Correct Development of Individual Pitches.
              Twelve Professional Pitchers Have Been Developed at
                       Oakland University in Just Six Years



 Three Areas of Emphasis:

 ¨         Throwing Mechanics: Proper Arm and Foot Actions.
¨         Blocking Techniques: Form for Blocking All Pitches
¨         Receiving Techniques: Framing and Signal Calling
Only 36 Spots Available
2004 First Round Catcher Attended Catching Camp
SSL 03/2010
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